BrightLoop Converters becomes official DC DC converter supplier


DC DC converter supplier

After building a great track record in the most prestigious hybrid and electric series such as Formula 1 and Formula E, BrightLoop Converters further further establishes its premium position by partnering up with ETCR. Indeed, BrightLoop Converters was selected by the World Sporting Consulting (WSC) Group as the sole supplier of DC DC converters for ETCR cars.


WSC Group President Marcello Lotti commented: BrightLoop Converters is another prestigious name that adds to an already impressive list of suppliers for the new ETCR category. The company’s expertise in producing DC DC converters will assure a safe and trouble-free transmission of power from the car’s battery to all those devices that are vital in granting perfect running on the racetrack.” 

Highest performance converters leaders

With this new achievement, we aim at solidifying our position as leaders in the motorsport -and more widely in the automotive- segment as we have a deep understanding of the challenges of hybrid and electric powertrains and the expertise and knowledge of the best technologies to address them.

Custom-made converter

The DCDC12L converter has been specially tailored for ETCR. Its technical characteristics include: isolated input voltage from 400V to 950V, output from 12 to 17.5V, continuous output power 1.4kW, weight 950g. To achieve the best thermal management, the converter is provided together with an integrated liquid-cooling plate.  

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