DC DC converters for e-mobility


What's a DC DC converter?

There are several different types of networks in a hybrid or electric vehicle. For example, the main drive battery provides high voltage while the pumps depend on low voltage. The DC DC converter can transform a low-voltage input into a high-voltage output, and vice versa thanks to its reversibility function.

Accessories powering

The DC DC converter therefore uses the high-voltage power from the main traction battery to power all the low-voltage electrical accessories, such as actuators, pumps, lighting, radio, etc., in a much more efficient and lightweight way than an alternator. Our DC DC converters can be used in various automotive applications such as electric and hybrid vehicles including cars and buses but also eVTOLs.

Top-notch power density

At BrightLoop Converters, we understand that lighter vehicles deliver better performances but also require less energy that is why we offer the best power-to-weight ratio on the market with over 3kW/kg. Our latest DC DC product line aims at addressing the power conversion needs of all vehicles from hypercars to touring cars to single-seater series while our +10-year expertise allows us to develop solutions for the whole automotive market.