The best power density on the market

DC DC Converters

Our DC DC converters

BrightLoop Converters differentiates itself by offering products adapted to the constraints of our customers, offering the best compromise on the market in terms of efficiency and compactness for harsh environments, with a power density of 3kW/kg in IP67 packaging for an isolated DC DC converter.

Some characteristics of our DC DC converters:

  • High voltage input up to 950V
  • Power up to 100kW  
  • Input-output isolation according to EN 62368-1 safety concept  
  • Best power density on the market: 3kW/kg in IP67 packaging for a liquid cooled isolated converter 
  • Software-selectable output voltage from 10 to 52V 
  • Current control for battery charger operation

Our DC DC product line

Our latest DC DC converters product line, tailored for all motorsport and extreme car applications, perfectly showcases our mastery in power electronics. It uses the latest wide bandgap transistors, GaN and SiC, to offer the best power density. Including Small (SP), Medium (MP) and Large (LP) packages, this line boasts amazing technical features:

DC DC converter power density
DC DC converter power density 

  • Power from 1.9kW to 9.6kW 
  • Input voltage up to 950V 
  • Best power density on the market 
  • Reversible operation possibility 
  • Single or multiple output options 
  • Customizable cooling

DC DC in automotive

DC DC converters are of significant importance in electric and hybrid vehicles as they allow the conversion of HV to LV to power accessories. Fitting the smallest and lightest possible DC DC converter is therefore essential to ensure the best performance.

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Partners in innovation

Using the best components helps us develop the best products. We have recently partnered up with GaN Systems and EPC in order to take the highest performances to the racetracks. 

Other products

Apart from our standard DC DC converters, our core business is custom power converters. We have a great track record in aerospace, automotive and military applications as well. Our expertise allows us to design DC DC converters for your specific needs, offering the highest level of performances.