High performance DC DC converters

Fuel cell

DC DC for H2 fuel cell

In a hydrogen vehicle, the H2 fuel cell produces electricity to power the high-voltage batteries needed to run the electric motor. However, H2 fuel cells do not provide a constant voltage: it varies according to the type and number of cells, and their conditions of use. 

A DC DC converter is needed to adapt the voltage.

BrightLoop Converters developed a standard range of DC DC converters for your H2 fuel cell applications:

  • Output power from 1kW to +200kW
  • Input and output voltage from 0 to 900V 
  • Reversible current operation possible
  • Buck-boost option available for overlapping input-output voltage
  • Best-in-class power density
  • CAN remote communication and monitoring

Optimized products

Our DC DC converters address all H2 fuel cell architectures:

  • Wide input and output voltage ranges 
  • Leverage every corner in your system thanks to extreme compacity 
  • Limit energy losses thanks to the highest possible conversion efficiency

Off-the-shelf converters

BrightLoop Converters builds its offer on standard products, combining best-in-class versatility, robustness and power density. Our broad technical expertise also allows us to offer customizations according to your H2 fuel cell needs. We provide a high level of service and support for implementation in your vehicle. Each application matters to us, from small to large series.