Qualification of power electronics systems


HALT - HASS Reliability

The Highly Accelerated Life Test and Highly Accelerated Stress Screen reveal the weaknesses of a product by applying combined stresses of thermal and mechanical shocks.

BrightLoop Converters carries out Accelerated Tests during development phase.

EMC Qualification

BrightLoop Converters offers its expertise on conducted and radiated EMC measurements.

BrighLoop has a fully equipped ECM laboratory in its premises including an anechoic Faraday cage.

BrightLoop Converters staff ensures the management of the obsolescences and the follow-up of technological evolutions.

Any modification of the product is qualified, documented, tracked and submitted to the client's approval. The repair of the products is ensured and validated on the same test benches as used in production with only original components, for the best after-sales service.

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