The most performing DC DC converters on the market

Performance DC DC product line

Best-in-class power density

A combination of the most advanced technologies along with a broad expertise in power electronics has allowed BrightLoop Converters to develop the smallest, lightest and most powerful DC DC converters on the market with 3kW/kg power density.

Some characteristics of the Performance converters:

  • High voltage input up to 950V  
  • Power up to 10kW 
  • Air or liquid cooling 
  • Up to 8 outputs with software settable voltage (10 to 52V)
  • Current control for battery charger function 
  • Current reversibility  
  • Insulation according to EN 62368-1

Standard & customizable

Thanks to their multiple options, the Performance DC DC converters are highly versatile. Indeed, the converters are available in air or liquid cooling with the possibility to choose the number of outputs desired from 1 to 8, depending on the series. Further customization can be offered by BrightLoop at little to no additional cost. Our converters are also compliant with FIA requirements and EN 62368-1.

Ready for performance

Thanks to many elements inspired by motorsport such as telemetry, our converters go beyond the main function of LV-HV conversion and include hardware for all configurations, software-settable output voltage and the possibility of PDU & reversibility. The Performance DC DC converters are ready for the constraints of motorsport and extreme vehicles including supercars and eVTOLs.