Quality commitments

The entire design process is ISO 9001: 2008 and EN 9100 : 2009 certified

BrightLoop Converters designs and manufactures systems whose complexity require rigorous design methods. A daily experimented quality system is necessary to deliver products meeting our customers expectations. The quality system guides the projects to ensure the best quality at optimized lead time and development costs.

Resources management

Our strategic positioning is based on our human resources. The work environment provides the best necessary framework in terms of equipment, and all our employees are qualified, skilled and passionate. The technologies used are constantly updated through a scientific, technological and economic watch shared by all employees.

Customer Statisfaction

The satisfaction of our customers is essential. BrightLoop Converters is committed to provide the best possible tailored service by being attentive to its customers, bringing expertise and advices, as well as honoring its commitments.

A continuous evolution

To fulfill our mission while respecting our values, we are committed to continuous improvement of our Quality System. According to ISO 9001 and EN 9100, BrightLoop Converters ensures that the system is continually updated. Each employee is responsible to increment the quality system and to continually improve its working practices.